DOB 3/14/06

Bred by Diana Barrie

Miss Zoe came to us as a "return to breeder" 7 mo old, as her original owners said they couldn't housebreak her!  Well, this is the smartest dog I have ever owned and I think she just wanted to "escape" from them as she was perfectly housebroken when we got her!  We are grateful to Diana Barrie for entrusting her to us as she has been a really fun dog.  Zoe is our premier countersurfer and totally obsessive/compulsive about food!  Her second love is hunting for the many rodents that make their home here on our property.  She is thrilled that there is now a new dog event, called Barn Hunt, where she can go hunt rats in tubes buried in hay bales and get titles!!  She, along with her son Radar and our RJ were the first 3 RRs to get Barn Hunt titles in this new sport. 



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