GCH CH Dromkeen's Libra Sun of Nomad's Rest CD RE CGC TKP

Libra comes to us from Julie Paul (Dromkeen Kennel) in Massachusetts.  She was Julie's pick of the girls and we are so grateful that Julie let her come all the way to us in Colorado!  
Libra finished her conformation championship very quickly out of the 12-18 mo old class and her Grand Champion came just as easily.   Libra also finished her obedience CD and rally advanced titles when she was only 15 mo old.  
Libra is the most loving girl and so full of life and joy.  She is a treasure to have and is my constant companion.  She has a big heart and when my cat was dying she lay with her head next to him the whole time not letting any of the other dogs near him.  The next day, when we buried him, she also kept all the other dogs away from his grave. She is an empath that is tuned in to everyone's feelings both human and animal alike.  A very special girl.



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