JABALIUPE ZUNA                                    

Zuna was our best friend and traveling buddy.  We got her after we had finally stopped traveling overseas so we could get a dog again!  She travelled with us all over the country and Canada for 5 years, living with us in a 17 foot travel trailer, helping us tend cottages on the coast of Maine, being a campground host dog at Waterton National Park in Canada, and so much more.  All the while being an incredible ambassador for the breed. She was funny, sweet, loyal and never met a person or animal that she didn't like. 

Two years after we had settled in Colorado, Zuna had a run in with a bear which resulted in a punctured lung and broken ribs.  Unfortunately, the Vets at the hospital where she was being treated, could never agree on her care and she died due to their indecisions.  She was our heart dog and, to this day, we deeply miss her. 
                                                                                                       March 1999 - Sept 2006