Kia came to us after Zuna died. I was in dire need of a puppy to help with my grief over losing Zuna.  Jan Koler-Matznick of Kandu Kennels had an upcoming litter and was willing to give me pick of the litter if I would agree to show.  I had given up showing in the late 1970s but I said I would if it meant I could have a puppy. Miss Kia was a bit of a handful and grew into a beautiful, very big girl who easily won her conformation championship, even going Best of Breed over some top Specials to do it! Unfortunately, her x-rays at two years old showed that she had one elbow that the "experts" considered Grade 1, even though the specialists we took those films to all agreed the elbow issue was due to an injury.  Her breeder kindly took her back to spend the rest of her days happily cavorting with her relatives.

                                                                                              November 2006 - ?